Price Increase

Prices of protein is skyrocketing. Sorry about the inconvenience. We are doing everything we can to keep price points affordable. Thank you all for the support while we get through these challenging times.

As you can see the price of our main protein has doubled this year. We have tried to have incremental price increases. The speed of the world has gone pedal to the metal!

We will continue to serve the best authentic Thai Food we can! It's what we do.

If prices of food keeps going up, please understand we are on the front lines, and cannot control the prices from the warehouses or slaughter houses. I continually look for the best "deal" having to do with protein prices. Right now, there is no good deal. It's all high prices. I do not see a positive future, in other words, prices of chicken will not go down.

If prices manage to go back down somehow, we will reflect this in our price point.

We'll see you all out soon!~

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